Cookery School

The concept of the cookery school is not about complicated, lengthy processes using learned skills to produce artistic plates of picture-perfect food.  Neither is it about using the latest trendy produce which can only be sourced from some outer regions of a jungle.  Noooo!! It’s all about getting back to basics using good quality, preferably locally sourced, seasonal, wholesome food and creating delicious, nutritious meals in no time at all.  It’s about looking at food from a different perspective and using it as your daily preventive medicine for the whole family to enjoy and thrive on.

Cooking classes can be arranged in the comfort of your own home as an individual experience or as part of a group for a special occassion.  Perhaps you are struggling with food choices and menu plans to suit a particular health condition.  Or maybe you would like some support to make better food choices such as reducing sugar, increasing fibre, increasing healthy fats and ways to make healthier swaps without compromising flavour.

Further enquiries can be made trough the contact form or leave a quick message and further information can be emailed directly.  N.B.allow at least 7 days to make a booking.