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Omega 3 … It’s complicated

  ARE WE GETTING ENOUGH OMEGA 3 IN OUR DIET ... . We're often being told that we need to be including more Omega 3 (EFA) in our diets but understanding the different factors which can influence this is a little bit more complicated than you may think. . . There are...

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Antibiotic Alternatives

  Antibiotics – Natural Alternatives . With the call to reduce the number of antibiotics used both in farming and via prescription, how can we reduce our personal dependence on antibiotics? Naturopaths take a three pronged approach: . . 1. Promote natural immunity Eat...

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Healthy Swaps

Easy ways to incorporate healthier swaps into your everyday eating plan. If you find yourself craving bread or carbs, substitute with a good source of protien (nuts, seeds, bolied egg) White rice - Cauliflower rice Mashed potato - Mashed cauliflower / carrot / turnip...

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Understanding Homocysteine

It is my job as a Nutritional Therapist to establish root causes of why someone's health and wellbeing is functioning below par. By using diagnostic testing and theories of Functional Medicine, underlying dysfunctions can be recognised and a restorative health plan...

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Flourless Moroccan Orange Cake

This delicious, super-moist Moroccan Orange and Pistachio Cake has become the hot favourite for all sorts of occasions from afternoon tea to a sweet treat after Sunday lunch.  Just recently it has been an impressive afters on a posh beach picnic menu of pulled lamb,...

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#1 : MANAGING MIGRAINE- FOOD CHOICES Following on from yesterday’s post and the decision to start sharing my journey of recovery from chronic migraine headaches, the first and biggest change that took place in my daily routine was a correct dietary protocol. This...

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WINTER BLUES | Seasonal Affective Disorder

WINTER BLUES | Seasonal Affective Disorder HOW TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES Ten top foods to nourish your body and mind during the Winter months Winter brings short days, chilly temperatures, more time indoors and lack of exercise resulting in low, sluggish energy and...

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