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Debbie Caskey

Registerd Nutritional Therapist

So many of us are on a roller coaster of being negatively influenced by poor health issues which constantly zap our moods, energy, relationships and lifestyle choices.  Life is busy, time is short and the problems progress until we have no choice but to turn to medical intervention.  Many people suffer needlessly because of a healthcare system that treats symptoms to provide temporary relief rather than finding the root cause of an illness, treating the body as a whole and allowing a natural, effective healing process to happen.  Everyone has unique, individual needs, their own blueprint, there is no “one size fits all.”  Recognising, analysing and understanding those differences is the key to achieving long-term holistic health and happiness.

Do you feel confused and unsure of where to turn, are you over-whelmed by the volume of hype and trend surrounding information on food and lifestyle choices?  

And you afraid to make choices and instead, bury your head in the sand hoping that it will go away? 

Or are you on a constant “diet” and and associate food with negativity, guilt and low self-esteem rather than nourishment and pleasure?

Do you need help with structuring a simple, realistic and sustainable approach towards making mindful, lasting changes for a healthier, happier you?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to many of those questions then Debbie at Saltwater Nutrition would be delighted to help.


Debbie has had first hand experience of battling health issues, particularly chronic migraine for almost twenty years during which time she reached out to so many different sources desperately trying to find a solution but nothing worked.  She felt totally isolated and let down by the systems and decided to start learning and searching for an answer of her own.

Debbie studied Biomedicine and Nutritional Theraphy at The College of Naturopathic Medicine and is now a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and mBANT CNHC.  Consquently she has achieved an extensive understanding of how Nutrition and Lifestyle can have a profound positive or negative effect affect on holistic health.  

At her clinic she offers a highly professional and confidential service and assists with addressing various health issues specifically GUT HEALTH, DIGESTIVE HEALTH and FEMALE HORMONE HEALTH, IN PARTICULAR, MENOPAUSE.  Bookings are available on a 1-on-1 basis or if necessary, by Skye or Face Time.



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